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Jan 25, 2023

0:00 Intro
4:50 Knowledge
15:22 Beetroot Juice
19:50 Insane California
29:40 Netherlands
31:50 Ukraine
35:21 NYSE
53:07 Dr. Basima Williams


- The oblivious masses are ASTONISHED to meet someone who has KNOWLEDGE and skills
- Our world is so dumbed down that being ignorant is considered "normal"
- Beetroot juice found to sharply increase muscle performance during training
- California's new tax plan would HOUND ex-Californians and force them to pay tax AFTER they move away
- California claims ETERNAL ownership over your worldwide assets, including stocks, art and real estate
- Why people with money will FLEE California, Illinois and New York
- Democrat states will turn to widespread CONFISCATION of assets
- There will be highway checkpoints to PREVENT Californians from FLEEING
- NYSE goes down as latest "glitch" proves the financial system is super fragile
- Special report on getting out of the banking system before it implodes
- Netherlands shuts down Europe's LARGEST natural gas field as Europe commits industrial SUICIDE
- Ukraine rocked by totally predictable CORRUPTION as top govt. officials caught laundering aid money
- Interview on functional medicine and how to achieve a personal health revolution

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