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Mar 28, 2024

- The negative consequences of investing in unhealthy food and pharmaceutical companies. (0:03)
- AI language model Neo and its capabilities. (5:07)
- Plant extraction and survival food. (10:07)
- Sweet potatoes, vaccines, and blood clots. (15:40)
- Processed food industry and Big Pharma's profit from keeping people sick. (19:24)
- Putin's warning to West on F-16s and Microsoft's plan to diversify video game characters. (24:39)
- #Depopulation, surveillance, and dreams. (34:05)
- The dangers of Google and the importance of de-Googling. (39:55)
- Privacy-focused phones and communication tools. (47:10)
- Tech integration, #privacy, and mind-reading. (1:01:37)
- Using AI language models for offline knowledge access. (1:16:14)
- Location data privacy and surveillance. (1:33:06)
- #AI, technology, and its impact on society. (1:35:46)

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