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Jan 31, 2023

0:00 Intro
17:12 Clown World
23:37 Portland
33:00 Twitter
33:55 mRNA Vaccines
53:05 Final Notes


- CDC advisory board official calls for KILLING ALL WHITES to stop anti-vaxxers
- CDC pushing genocide and REPLACEMENT of Whites with immigrants who will accept the jab
- Copper thieves steal charging cables from EV stations
- Clown World: "Sip & Fill" hilarious video shows how people SNAP
- Video from Portland shows blocks of CAMPERS and TENTS as blue cities collapse
- Breaking Point docu-series episode released: Financial collapse
- MIT professor calls for HALT of mRNA vaccines
- Air Force general warns war with China only TWO years away
- 1992 book warned of "post-industrial HELLSCAPE" now coming true
- The food and energy infrastructure sabotage have been planned for decades
- WSJ warns consumers are "freaking out" as they run out of money
- White House now trying to regulate / outlaw PRIVACY COINS

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