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Nov 26, 2022

0:00 Intro
2:40 Breaking News
21:45 Male FertilitY
42:43 Calorado Shooter
1:01:45 Andy Schectman


- Anti-vaxxers accused of causing CLOTS in the vaccinated by speaking to them
- Medical "science" has gone full clown world
- Do non-vaccinated people have psychic / JEDI powers to alter physiology of the vaxxed?
- Beware of unvaccinated psychic clot assassins
- CDC excess death numbers reveal 1.1 million Americans likely died from vaccines
- Sperm counts plummeting 62% around the world as infertility skyrockets
- #Vaccine deaths being spread out across multiple means of death: Cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc.
- "Died Suddenly" needs a sequel called "Died Gradually" because some of it takes a while
- Trans CNN guest declares she can tell if other trans people are "real" trans just by looking at them
- Trans "purists" become the new intolerant racists who judge people by the way they look
- Elon Musk declares general amnesty and promises to bring back unfairly banned accounts
- Elon hints at releasing his own phone hardware to bypass iPhone / Google censorship
- Interview with Andy Schectman

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