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Feb 22, 2023

0:00 Intro
3:22 Putin's Speech
20:11 Interview with Michael Yon
1:06:26 Headlines Review
1:09:11 Ohio Farmers
1:25:30 Geek Hour
1:29:24 Interview with Timothy Alberino

- Putin lays out justification for nuclear first strike against the West
- In studio interview with Michael Yon about famine, food supply chain and open borders
- We are being exterminated and REPLACED by illegal migrants
- The governments of the world are AT WAR with humanity
- Health Ranger ranch update: New hens!
- How mass spec #dioxin testing is conducted
- Interview with Timothy Alberino on the extraterrestrials question
- There is a plan in place to exterminate humanity and occupy Earth
- Top ten agricultural products produced in Ohio - are they contaminated?

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