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Jan 21, 2016

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Whole Foods GMO labeling countdown just two years away ... Retailer promised all products would be labeled with GMO content by 2018

GMO scientists now developing techniques to intentionally pollute natural organisms' genomes to permanently alter DNA

Millions of bees turning up dead around GMO corn fields soaked with neonicotinoid pesticides

Why don't dentists promote adding ARSENIC to the water alongside FLUORIDE? They're both 'naturally occurring,' after all

U.S. healthcare system really does kidnap teens - victim speaks out

Google, Yahoo and other tech companies provided 'full assistance' to NSA spying on Americans, says agency lawyer

Overuse of electronics is causing worldwide epidemic of nearsightedness in children

Mysterious chemtrail fibers dropped by C-130 over Arizona covered up by mainstream media

Exposure to toxic heavy metal cadmium accelerates cellular aging

House Homeland Security chairman warns hackers will target U.S. power grid