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Sep 26, 2023

0:00 DEFIANT Sen. Menendez
27:00 Russia
1:01:34 911 Phone Call From F-35 Pilot
1:07:20 Money For Ukraine
1:16:05 Electoral Fraud
1:21:07 Rite Aid Pharmacy
1:36:23 Interview with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger

- Sen. Menendez defiantly reveals his knowledge that the US government may CONFISCATE money from bank accounts of citizens
- Should the banks accounts of Canadian parliament members who cheered actual Nazi as "war hero" be cut off and seized?
- Russia's Lavrov condemns US as "empire of lies"
- Duma lower house leader Volodin says #Ukraine must surrender to Russia or cease to exist as a nation
- First Abrams tanks arrive in Ukraine, but US says they should NOT be used in the main battle
- Abrams tanks weigh 70 - 80 TONS and will quickly SINK in Ukraine's muddy terrain
- What you may not know about tracked vehicles vs. MUD
- Lost F-35 story takes another weird turn as pilot who ejected calls 911 from a neighborhood home
- The entire story is complete fiction - why did the pilot have no emergency radio? No transponder?
- US spending billions in Ukraine to buy FERTILIZER for farmers and bail out small businesses (while America's economy is wrecked)
- Why are there plenty of TANKS for Ukraine but no tanks for the US southern border?
- Massive election fraud discovery in #Arizona - Ballot paper is FRAUDULENT (counterfeit)
- DOJ won't deport MILLIONS of illegals, but wants to throw a German family out of the country for homeschooling
- Rite-Aid in bankruptcy, to close 500 pharmacies across the country... Big Pharma retailers keep KILLING their repeat customers!
- Full interview with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger on the UN and WHO plan to roll out global medical dictatorship and enslave humanity

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