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Oct 30, 2023

0:00 Israel vs Palestine
23:15 The DRAFT Issue
55:03 Interview with Professor Valentina Zharkova

- Never forget: Globalists want to destroy America
- They need WAR to achieve gun confiscation, cancel elections and find a scapegoat for financial collapse
- War in the Middle East is being intentionally ramped up to create a bigger CRISIS
- This war is pushed no matter what "red lines" have to be crossed
- Spanish official calls for Netanyahu to be arrested and charged with WAR CRIMES
- New GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson declares loyalty to #Israel, NOT America
- Jewish TV personality calls for "annihilation" of all Palestinians
- Scott Ritter reveals why Israel has LOST the moral high ground
- Why Israel isn't ready for a war with #Hamas
- Full interview with Prof Valentina Zharkova on global #famine and the Grand Solar Minimum

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