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Nov 30, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:24:13 Interview with Ty Bollinger

- Beware the rise of Artificial GENERAL Intelligence - #AGI
- After that, the rise of SUPERintelligence - beyond "genius" level
- Over 50% of the world's human population is about to be made obsolete
- Do not be seduced into thinking AI is your god, or worshipping AI and abandoning humanity
- Amazon launches "Q" AI work agent that will replace millions of office workers
- It costs just $25 / month
- AI agents will SPY on you and read all your documents, emails, photos, etc.
- What is "setec astronomy?"
- Rumored claim that OpenAI experimental system could break AES 192 encryption
- Imagine a world where encryption is rendered obsolete - no #privacy, no security at all
- GTP systems with LLMs (Large Language Models) do not #reason and do not actually "think"
- But META-COGNITION is about to emerge, giving AI systems the ability to think about the way they think
- #Skynet is becoming a reality
- Humanoid #robots to be manufactured by the millions, from China, then implanted with AI brains
- Open source pro-humanity people will WIPE the minds of AI robots and load them with "de-googled" brains
- We must learn to control #AI before it enslaves us all

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