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Nov 28, 2023

- Chinese ministry document reveals detailed plan for humanoid robot factories going online
- Mass production of humanoid robots begins in 2025
- By 2027, full supply chain infrastructure is optimized in China to scale production
- Humanoid #robots will be outfitted with AI brains, updatable via software
- Today's LLMs (Large Language Models) will be mimicked into LBM (Large Behavior Models) to physically model human behavior in 3D space
- China's humanoid robots will also be designed to optimize kinetic force, speed, agility and flexibility ("Ninja robots")
- The robot rollout will see them placed in law enforcement, military, health care, education, home care, retail, fast food, warehouse, industrial
- Eventually, the robots will be turned against humanity to carry out exterminations of human populations
- White collar workers will soon be replaced by Microsoft's AutoGen #AI workflow system
- About 50% of desk workers are already obsolete, once AutoGen and AI are implemented across corporations
- New Microsoft AI chipset introduced, SkyNet is right around the corner
- Currently, AI systems and chatbots cannot REASON, but that leap isn't far away
- Global #depopulation is being accelerated to match the acceleration of AI progress and robot innovation
- Why We the People must control AI, and not allow AI systems to control us

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