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May 15, 2024

- Training a 7 billion parameter language model for natural medicine research. (0:03)
- King Charles III's official portrait with demonic symbolism. (5:33)
- Israeli attacks on aid convoys, causing food shortages in #Gaza. (11:49)
- Weight loss methods, including injection of lizard venom peptides. (21:51)
- Bird flu pandemic psyops in America.
- Using pine needles for natural medicine. (37:07)
- Star Anise, shikimic acid and Traditional Chinese medicine. (43:39)
- FDA recall of organic tea product due to high pesticide levels. (48:29)
- Food industry testing and quality control. (54:30)
- The Five Stages of Collapse with author Dmitri Orlov. (1:11:16)
- Cultural differences and collapse preparation between Russia and the West. (1:22:04)
- Russia's resilience vs. US fragility in a collapse scenario. (1:26:54)
- Technical capabilities in Russia and America, with a focus on engineering and military technology. (1:38:49)
- Work culture and productivity in America and Russia. (1:44:14)
- Corrupted education systems and culture in America. (1:49:01)
- Western influence in Russia, energy, and currency. (1:54:30)
- US sanctions on Russia and their impact on the global economy. (2:00:13)

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