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May 14, 2024

- US representative Thomas Massie is being targeted by the #Zionists. (0:00)
- Corruption in US Congress, focusing on #AIPAC and #Israel. (5:14)
- Obama's Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) and its implications. (15:13)
- Iran secretly possesses nuclear warheads. (21:49)
- US aircraft carriers' vulnerability to Chinese hypersonic missiles. (38:11)
- AI and drone technology rendering only military tech obsolete. (49:57)
- Weapons sales to Israel and ongoing #genocide. (1:00:42)
- Politics, economics, and decentralization. (1:12:22)
- Trump, travel, and body armor. (1:17:09)
- Potential return of Trump, gold standard, and currency corruption. (1:33:07)
- Implementing change in government under President Trump. (1:39:00)
- Political corruption and potential solutions. (1:41:53)
- Selecting Trump's inner circle based on business acumen and loyalty. (1:50:50)

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