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Mar 28, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:11 Headlines
20:41 Interview with Bob Moriarty
1:08:17 Interview with Ty Bollinger

- Norway military munitions manufacturer can't expand due to lack of power in Europe
- Mainstream media admits Ukraine is running out of ammunition
- Western countries can print CURRENCY and print LIES but they can't print artillery shells
- Italy bans insects in pasta and pizza
- JP Morgan pushing facial scans and palm scans for payment systems (Mark of the Beast)
- Government ramps up attacks on #crypto in preparation for CBDC rollout
- Farmer protests spread in Slovenia as fascist governments declare war on agriculture
- CFTC levels charges against Binance but ignores dollar banking system crimes
- Interview with Bob Moriarty about western financial system collapse
- Interview with Ty Bollinger about accelerated cancer rates following vax/bioweapons

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