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Mar 27, 2023

0:00 ZOMBIE AVIAN FLU narrative
47:29 Houskeeping Notes
50:53 Headlines
58:52 SCAMs
1:11:11 Interview with Dr. Paul Cottrell

- National Wildlife Health Center warns of "zombie" HPAI H5N1 that alters neurology and behavior of mammals
- Media pushing strong warnings of zombie bird flu crossing over to humans and spreading as a pandemic
- This is the next plandemic tyranny: Lockdowns to prevent public protests against financial collapse
- Dr. Cottrell warned of combination SARS + HIV + Avian (H5N1) chimeric bioweapon
- The DoD built it and likely already released it, now spreading across North America
- Huge amounts of Peramivir drug being flown on cargo planes to stockpile for the plandemic
- Peramivir cause ZOMBIE side effects including confusion, cracked skin, red eyes, hallucinations and skin lesions
- Also causes people to hold FALSE beliefs (such as beliefs in false plandemics) (a known side effect of the drug)
- The HPAI H5N1 causes ATAXIA, which also presents as zombie-like side effects including loss of motor control
- The plan is to treat the masses with peramivir and CAUSE side effects which are blamed on avian flu
- 14 vaccine manufacturers are gearing up for massive vaccine production for the avian flu plandemic
- Vax supplies are being directed by the WHO to target poor black nations for depopulation and genocide
- Media narrative being carefully crafted and pushed; predictive programming
- Carbon offset credit scam exposed
- Ukraine "volunteer" soldiers exposed as a fraud
- UK and USA are 10+ years behind munitions manufacturing compared to Russia

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