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Jul 28, 2023

0:00 Intro
3:12 De-Banking
30:53 Interview with Sayer Ji

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Regenerate Yourself Masterclass:

- After Chase targets Mercola, Robinhood targets the Health Ranger by SEIZING account
- Nigel Farage, Joseph Mercola and Health Ranger all targeted for promoting liberty and truth
- Bank and finance executives should be CRIMINALLY prosecuted for financial terrorism
- Why getting OUT of the banking and finance system is critical
- If you don't have self-custody of your assets, they can seize it or confiscate them at any time
- Full interview with Sayer Ji, author of "Regenerate"
- Announcement of new "Regenerate Yourself Masterclass" free streaming event
- How plants produce nutrients that allow people and animals to achieve health and longevity
- The Health Ranger's own story of regrowing nerves, ligaments and blood vessels after severe injury
- The biophysics of tissue regeneration, elemental transformation, awakening "zombie" cells and more

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