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Feb 26, 2024

- AI, censorship, and the media. (0:00)
- Gender identity and anatomy. (10:26)
- Insect-based food production and sustainability. (15:08)
- Cricket farming, microaggressions in universities. (22:38)
- US election and Israeli actions in Gaza. (32:53)
- Israel's actions in Gaza and Ukraine's military aid. (37:15)
- Globalism, depopulation, and religious division. (50:45)
- Islam, Middle East, and preparedness products. (54:35)
- Immigration status and vaccination requirements. (1:05:38)
- Leadership, venture capital, and faith. (1:08:10)
- Texas independence, rule of law, and faith. (1:14:42)
- Islam and Christianity, end times predictions. (1:19:05)
- Religious extremism and hatred. (1:34:45)
- Manipulation of public opinion through media and politics. (1:41:20)
- Middle East tensions and potential escalations. (1:52:28)
- Evil leaders and their actions. (2:01:48)
- Government agencies, gold reserves, and geopolitics. (2:10:22)
- Economic collapse, CBDCs, and depopulation. (2:16:43)
- Islam and Christianity with a Muslim and a Christian. (2:29:20)

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