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Apr 25, 2024

- AI-generated deep fake technology, with demonstration of convincing video creation using only two inputs. (0:00)
- US government's focus on causing harm to people and nations. (29:49)
- Using snake #venom in skincare products. (44:42)
- #Squatting in Arizona and justification of stealing homes. (52:48)
- Impending societal collapse due to government failure and delusional leadership. (58:35)
- Using venom peptides in medicine, including weight loss drug based on Gila Monster venom. (1:04:42)
- Venom proteins in drug and #vaccine manufacturing, cosmetics, and crop protection. (1:12:49)
- COVID-19 #vaccine dangers and research on venom proteins in blood. (1:20:14)
- Using nicotine to protect against viruses. (1:26:10)
- Using natural remedies for COVID-19, including Wormwood and #ivermectin. (1:39:55)
- The benefits of a product containing ingredients like Mucuna Pruriens, Lobelia, and nicotine for cognitive support (1:43:14)

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