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Apr 24, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:16 Demise of the Western Civilisation
20:30 Decentralization

- The OFF RAMP from tyranny is decentralization
- Revolutionary new efforts are under way to build our decentralized future
- De-dollarization is accelerating and EVERYONE is looking for the exits
- Global dollar debt collapse is like a tsunami crashing onto a city
- Most people have no idea what has already been set into motion
- Fiat currencies will go to ZERO, and nations will fall
- Out of the ashes, we can choose to build a decentralized society
- No one should control what you are allowed to say, think, read, post or share
- Centralized control over MONEY is the source of infinite evil and totalitarian control
- ALL central authorities eventually turn evil (finance, government, education, news media, tech, etc.)
- People have lived in their mental prisons for so long, they forgot what freedom feels like

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