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Mar 24, 2023

0:00 US under active INVASION
28:03 Other News
38:29 Hypersonic Weapons
47:21 Interview with Jane Ruby

- In-studio interview with special forces operator "HiCap" who runs ops for border protection in Texas
- America is under active invasion as military-aged men from China and the Middle East increasingly cross the border
- Domestic sabotage operations, preparing for CONUS war and world war
- War on crypto accelerates as Do Kwon is arrested overseas
- Why the FDIC is already bankrupt and will soon only have 1/1000th of the funds needed to cover US deposits
- Why hypersonic weapons are the new "super weapon" of war, and US aircraft carriers can all be destroyed in minutes
- Interview with Dr. Jane Ruby who is launching new channels and shows
- Dr. Jane Ruby will be joining Brighteon.TV on April 17th

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